Free Collect and Return service (Promotion for 6 months Only -Thereafter $25 payable) with free evaluation/quote for repairs.

Due to high costs of transport, we are unable to carry on onsite repairs at S$25. Charges of transport for onsite repairs have increased to S$50. You can request for collect and return service for free evaluation/quote by our courier Ninja Van for FREE. Call (65)84856463 to arrange for collection and you will get an evaluation/quotation within the same day. Repairs will be done within the next business day and we collect advance payment via credit/debit card by paypal found on the “donate” button on the left corner of our website.


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Make your PC run like new. Free Analysis of your PC via Remote Access

For Windows PC, we can provide Free Analysis of your PC via Remote Access.

Go to Https:// and download and install the remote control software. Call us at (65)84856463 and let us know the password to access and remote control your PC. Let us check for problems in yur PC. We can therefore fix any problems found remotely from our analysis. This service is totally FREE. If you want to fix the problems found on your PC, the service is chargeable at S$50 for 1 licence for 1 year to buy the software to resolve your problems. Payment is via credit/debit card from paypal found on the “donate” button found on the left column of our website.

We can solve many software problems this way like if your PC is slow and applications start crashing, or if your PC got a lot of unnecessary temporary files, or if your PC is infected with virus or malware.

This service is provided as is without any warranty worldwide for our customers. We can provide this service only when we are available and free at our own convenience.


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Microsoft starts letting Windows 10 users control smart home devices from their PC

Windows 10 users are going to be able to treat their PCs more like smart home hubs. Windows Central reports today that Microsoft has added a “connected home” section to Cortana. From this new menu, users can sign into smart home services, thereby giving Cortana control. It’s currently compatible with Wink, Insteon, Nest, SmartThings, and Hue. Windows Central notes that it’s seen the connected home menu on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile, so it’s likely rolling out now.

The Verge‘s Tom Warren reported earlier this year that Microsoft was working on a new HomeHub feature that would create a family environment on the PC with shared access to calendars and apps. The idea was also to enable Windows 10 to serve as a smart home hub for connected devices.

While Microsoft toils away on those features, it’s also preparing for the release of Harman Kardon’s Cortana-powered Invoke speaker, which will be the first speaker to include the assistant. We don’t know when exactly it’ll go on sale, but an early Microsoft Store listing went live yesterday with the speaker priced at $199. Microsoft’s clearly getting serious about competing with Google, Amazon, Apple, and even Samsung for control of the smart home.

Backup, Restore and Transfer all your Data including Files, Apps, Contacts, SMS, Emails, Call Logs, WhatsApp messages to your new phone at S$100 only

We support all Samsung and HTC Android mobiles including Apple iOS phones. Backup, Restore and Transfer all your Data including Files, Apps, Contacts, SMS, Emails, Call Logs,, WhatsApp messages from Android to Android, Apple iOS to Apple iOS without any issue. Duration of service time required, 1 day to complete. Need your mobile transfer cable. Interested? Call 84856463 to enquire if your mobile phone is supported.

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