Welcome to GilbertTanTS.sg

Established since 1996, Cybernetic Marketing started as a dealer for Telecommunication equipment for brands like Motorola and Nokia.

We are a specialist in voice, data and video conferencing systems. Our comprehensive services cover distribution, products training and technical support to all customer which consists of local and overseas resellers, government and the corporate sector.

With DoctorPC.com.sg we have since venture out to cover System Intergration for PCs n Servers, customizing pc/server OEM systems for windows/linux users. Our expertise in a wide range of Operating Systems n the ability to customize software according to user requirements make us the leading OEM distributor in Singapore. The company is renamed to GilbertTanTS.sg to reflect our new founded mission.

Our staff have wide product knowledge and expertise. This enables us to provide value-added technical advice to our customers especially as GilbertTanTS.sg is in the business of providing complete solutions. Our Supported platforms include Windows, Apple, Ubuntu for Desktops and Windows, Apache, Ubuntu, for Servers. We also support Andriod Apple iOS for smartphones, ipads and tablets.

Our services also include consultancy and solutions into these areas;

IT Consultancy
– Hardware/Software for PCs/Servers – Multiple OS including Servers
– Desktop/Servers/Network Security – Firewalls/Antivirus– Internet Marketing including Email. Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising– Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing/Pay per Click/Social Media Marketing – Database/Mining/Analysis/Insights – Customisation of any hardware/software



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